Tom David Lewis

Sarfraz and I have been working together non-stop for 3 years and I look forward to continuing our productive relationship into the future. I don’t know what I would do without him and his team. They have helped me expand my business , offering excellent suggestions along the way.

Sarfraz is knowledgeable, thoughtful, flexible and honest so working with him is a first class experience. I have already referred a colleague, a customer, and a friend because of the confidence he inspires.

Sincerely, Tom David Lewis
President Closeout Services Corp

Date : Jan 3, 2014

Ann-Marie Stephens

Sarfraz, Shahid and team are now indispensable to running our businesses. They work tirelessly and with 100%+ commitment to ensuring our success. Easy to work with, very proactive communication and flexible with incredibly high bandwidth to take on any job required. Importantly, they are trustworthy and have become excellent business partners. Don’t know where we would be without them.

Ann-Marie Stephens

Date : Dec 5, 2014

Len Ciarrocchi

We have been working with the Samma team for over a year. They have been a significant addition to our team. They have helped to build websites, build email lists and build marketing campaigns to extend our reach throughout the marketplace. They also add significant value by helping to resolve those computer/web problems that always seem to crop up. A genuine “12th” man on our playing field.

Len Ciarrocchi, President
Municipal Supply & Sign Company

Date : Dec 17, 2014

May Olusola

It has been such a pleasure working with Sarfraz. He is diligent, responsible, honest, skillful and caring. There are times he has gone beyond and above to get the job done. He is quite invaluable and an asset to my publication. I highly recommend Sarfraz!

May Olusola

Date : Dec 7, 2014

Dr. Zach LaBoube

“Sarfraz was a pleasure to work with. As a small business owner that doesn’t know the language or details of the eCommerce industry, he coached me throughout. He provided recommendations and ideas, but made the appropriate decisions when his expertise deemed it necessary. His English is excellent and he always made himself available in a timely manner. I strongly recommend him for your project.”

InsideOut Wellness & WeightLoss

Date : July 08, 2014

Nathy Gaffney

Sarfraz has been managing my website and mail chimp account for over 12 months now and he is a delight to have as part of my team. The fact that I’ve lost track of the exact time – is that it feels like he has always been there. Picking up the loose ends, responding to my (sometimes) daft requests and questions. Always patient, always efficient and always accommodating – he is a wonderful addition to my virtual team!

Nathy Gaffney
Director and Principal Trainer
Pitch Perfect Training

Date : Dec 10, 2014

Lou Clark

“It has been a pleasure to work with Sarfraz over the last 2 years. He is capable, professional, and fantastic at facilitating our urgent requests and last minute deadlines. But the thing that stands out the most is the extra care he takes in helping our business. His additional consulting and advice is extremely valuable.”


Date : Jan 16, 2014

Caroline Wilson

We love working with Sarfraz. He now does all of our survey programming. Amazing job every time! We were very happy with the quality of the work and the level of communication as the survey was developed. A really great experience!

Co-owner – Caroline Wilson
Vireo Research

Date : Nov 27, 2014

Ronen Zur

Sarfraz is very familiar with the latest Google Shopping for BigCommerce. He did an Excellent Job, and successfully got our listing of products from the website to be on the Google Shopping Results.

Ronen Zur

Date : Oct 25, 2012

Mireille Steenkamer

Thorough hard worker, open communication, great asset to team!

Mireille Steenkamer

Date : May 20, 2013

Chris Bücker

A really valuable work. Our estimations are completly fulfilled

Chris Bücker

Date : Sep 04, 2013

Eyal M

Sarfraz has been great to work with. a very nice and diligent guy, who saved me hours of work.

happy new year,

Date : Jan 08, 2014

Joe Salmon

“Thank you Sarfraz ! You have become a real friend. I want to also recommend Sarfraz to every merchants. When you give Sarfraz a task he just gets the job done with out you having to badger him. A real professional, skilled in his field. You have been a great asset to me. May are friendship continue. Thank You Again.”

Guaranteed Income

Date : Sep 17, 2014

Tony Warenzak

“As a rapidly growing small business, we have been extremely pleased with both the quality of work executed by Sarfraz, as well as his ability to communicate viable solutions to daunting challenges. He has been an extreme pleasure to work with and we definitely look forward to working with him on future projects.

Sarfraz is an excellent communicator and always goes the extra mile to ensure that we are satisfied with his proposed solutions. Over the past 5 years our company has outsourced tasks to a number of remote specialists. I can definitely say that, in our experience, no one has exceeded our expectations quite like Sarfraz . . . he has definitely raised the bar. He has our highest recommendations to other businesses seeking his services”

Date : Feb 27, 2015

Ransom Allison

Sarfraz and his team are amazing and will continue to be our go-to for development services. We met and quickly made a game plan of items that needed to be done. Everything was done extremely quickly and accurately. Sarfraz and co. are really great.

Date : 25 Feb 2016


Good job and easy to work with team Ambiw.

Date : 15 May 2016

Lesley Hancock

For 2 years I have been working with Sarfraz and team. He looks after my website, data base and newsletters. He is a valuable addition to my business and his service is prompt and efficient . He is a pleasure to work with and is highly recommended.

Lesley Hancock

Date : July 19, 2016

Zoe Peng

Sarfraz and Sarfraz’s team is brilliant. Based on my experience with other workers, they are truly outstanding, professional. They communicate well and always keep you updated. Best of all, they deliver exceptional work promptly.

Zoe Peng

Date : August 09, 2016


Sarfraz has been my go to developer for any needs I had whether it be Shopify, WordPress, landing pages, etc. He knows his stuff, completes the work super fast, does it flawlessly and doesn’t overcharge. I highly highly recommend him and will continue to work with him as I start up new projects. Thanks Sarfraz!.


Date : May 09, 2017


“After contacting with many other professional web agencies we decided to work with Ambiw because they were the ones who showed more interest and motivation for the project. Then, once the project started we did not regret about the decision since all the tasks were performed correctly and communication was also fluent. We strongly recommend Ambiw for any web related work.”


Date : July 03, 2017