Recently Amazon announced that it no longer supports discounted product reviews as it was creating review farming, and in most cases reviewers used to review items not based on product quality but continuing relationship with seller to get new items at discounted price (mostly free).

It certainly have a positive outcome as now game will be equal for all the sellers, still there are points to discuss.

  • Healthy competition.
  • No more biased reviews, we all know promotional products reviewers tend to review items considering only good points (in almost 99% cases).
  • Equal opportunities for all sellers to look in different ways to organically improve the product listings.
  • Focus will shift from just spending lots of money on paid reviews to organic tactics.
  • New items will struggle to get positioning, quick reviews used to be a booster.
  • Sellers have to look for other quick ways like Amazon Ads to promote items.
  • A negative product review (which is posted by other sellers or by an annoying customer), as a merchant you would like to get it removed, but surely the process to get it removed is painful and very much time consuming.
  • Amazon Vine Program is limited to vendor central sellers only (at least for now), but later if Amazon introduced it to all merchant seller, then it would be a another money making machine for Amazon only.

Too many sellers were very much used to with discounted products reviews to make product competitive and improve Amazon product search result, only an announcement has changed entire game plan for all sellers, let’s see how things move!!

Here is Amazon announcement