If you are selling products online then you know it very well that what it takes to get an order. You create a professional, conversion centric online store on prominent ecommerce platform like Shopify.com, still it does not guarantee you a success unless you invest good efforts, time and money in following directions.

  • Instagram ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Search Engine Ads
  • Organic SEO Optimization

And the list can go on……

There are merchants complaining on Shopify forum that they have beautiful online store and running Instagram ads, getting traffic but no SALES!!!

There is no doubt, you can get success in the long run if you focus on what it takes to make an online store successful plus if your offerings are really matters, appealing to visitors then they will surely give a shot. Once it’s get going then there is no stop line.

It’s all about the strategy and execution.

Then why does a merchant need to sell on Amazon?

It’s a sweet truth that Amazon gives a push which in general not possible for an online store unless they out grown in numbers and no longer need the help of the Amazon channel to keep cash flow positive.

Amazon is a sales channels where a merchant can get huge traffic on a product listing if he plans it very well. And generally on Amazon conversion is very positive compared to the online store, as most are coming on Amazon to shop only!

There are distinctively good number of advantages to a customer to buy products from the Amazon.

  • Free Shipping
  • 1-2 day delivery
  • Amazon assurity
  • Easy return – replacement
  • Read genuine feedback and make buying decision
  • Discounted price
  • Prime membership

These core features actually not allowing customers to buy products from the other platforms, customers trust Amazon for so many reasons, which is not possible for a sole merchant to offer in a short run unless the business is already at the next level.

And surely there are end number of advantages to merchant as well to sell on Amazon

  • Huge traffic
  • Amazing conversion
  • Less hassle with return and replacement if product is fulfilled by FBA
  • Bang bang bang in Holiday season
  • Super sure advantages to branded and registered businesses.

In short there is a win win situation for all. For merchants, for customers and for Amazon, they know it very well how to keep charging merchants on smallest action to become one of the biggest companies in 2019.