Does a startup online store need a mobile application?

This is a very common question faced by most of the merchants who are just starting up an online business. Whether they should go for a mobile application or not? The advisable recommendation is not to go with a mobile application. Here are supportive reasons:


The cost

Initially, when a merchant just starting up an online business, it may not be feasible to create a mobile application which development and designing cost is in thousands of dollars. Where merchant can test the market by launching an online store at minimum cost. One can create fully responsive online store on Shopify just at $20!

Create Shopify Online Store just for $20!

The installation

One would install the app only if one is 100% convinced by the idea, values, or benefits. Indeed initially a merchant may not want to invest huge amount on app advertising to get the attention.

The time

It takes a good amount of time to develop and design an online store application. Where you can easily with few clicks can setup an online store on your own domain on Shopify, Bigcommerce of WordPress.

Online store edge

Responsive store design

You get fully responsive, 100% best fit online store design, compatible in any browsers and devices as lows as free to just $100 for premium one, install it and get the store going! The responsive store design is very much neck to neck with any ecommerce mobile application.


As said earlier the main challenge is to convince someone to install the application. And it does take it time, one would install only Amazon like applications. Where if you are a new bee and would like to test your products in the market then the best way is to get your store up and running. And then easily advertise on Instagram and Google Shopping to easily get initial attention and conversion.


If you are launching a new product, something exciting, an invention or innovation, then Kickstarter is the best platform to get early backers on board to support your project, a dream. Shopify integrates easily with the Kickstarter campaign.

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When merchant really needs an app?

When actually a product is such.

A merchant does not need an application for the online store checkout process. But she may need the application for the product(s). There are many merchants out there have the applications for operating the products they sell. And for niche innovative items, it is become thumb rule to have mobile app integration to operate, function.

When a merchant is famous!

Yes! go for the app when actually you have a huge number of loyal customers who keep buying your products, to increase conversion, to increase user experience and when you just want to tap away from them, get the application.

Comparison - Shopify Vs Bigcommerce

We work on both the platforms on daily basis. Here is platform recommendation based on our experience and knowledge.


Shopify has the edge over the Bigcommerce in certain areas, and it is growing rapidly, It would not be exaggerating to say that they are the leader in SaaS (cloud-based) eCommerce solution.

Best points of Shopify platform

  • Shopify has the best admin dashboard experience. The interface is quite easy and simple to use and work on.
  • Adding products, managing inventory, order management, everything is quite easy and the interface is super fast.
  • Its super easy to backup the store design! In a single click. Moreover, you can experiment all sort of design changes in unpublished theme without touching a live website.
  • Code: Shopify is based on liquid file templates, it is easy to access & edit all files.
  • Support: Excellent support, live chat support available 24×7 and there is a resourceful forum.
  • 3rd Party applications: There are many 3rd party applications available.

Not so good points of Shopify

  • Transaction charges: If you do not opt for Shopify powered payment gateway then get ready for the per transaction charges, this is the major drawback of Shopify, but since the Shopify powered payment option is actually Stripe, one of the leading payment gateways right now, so you may not mind opting for it. Stripe is easy and the best.
  • Staff accounts: In each of the payment plans there is a limit when it comes to the number of staff accounts. Where Bigcommerce is providing the unlimited option.
    Pricing rules for options and variations are not as easy as Bigcommerce, in certain cases, you may need to opt for a paid application.


Definitely, Bigcommerce is the second-best option in the market right now, if you do not want to go with Shopify than Bigcommerce is the second best choice.

Good points of Bigcommerce platform

  • No transaction fees, you are free to opt for payment gateway of your choice.
  • No limit when it comes to the number of staff member accounts.
  • Easy to set wholesale pricing option. Bulk discount. Product discount for buy one gets one free. Pricing rules for options and variations.
  • Real-time shipping cost like FedEx, USPS is available in a basic plan wherein Shopify it’s available either in advance Shopify plan or you have to opt for $79 annual plan.

Shopify leads

There are many areas where Shopify has the lead over Bigcommerce.

  • The dashboard interface design, ease of use and the speed.
  • Bigcommerce just opted for Stencil framework, it can be very much challenging to edit the code as one needs to first work in a local system and then upload the changes to live website.
  • Shopify application marketplace is rich with the number of applications.

Bigcommerce has extra built-in features compare to Shopify, but for sure Shopify has an unmatched interface and it’s super easy to use. We recommend Shopify, still, it quite depends on kinds of features one is looking forward to especially in case of product options etc.

Pros and Cons of Amazon bans discounted product reviews

Recently Amazon announced that it no longer supports discounted product reviews as it was creating review farming, and in most cases reviewers used to review items not based on product quality but continuing relationship with seller to get new items at discounted price (mostly free).

It certainly have a positive outcome as now game will be equal for all the sellers, still there are points to discuss.


  • Healthy competition.
  • No more biased reviews, we all know promotional products reviewers tend to review items considering only good points (in almost 99% cases).
  • Equal opportunities for all sellers to look in different ways to organically improve the product listings.
  • Focus will shift from just spending lots of money on paid reviews to organic tactics.


  • New items will struggle to get positioning, quick reviews used to be a booster.
  • Sellers have to look for other quick ways like Amazon Ads to promote items.
  • A negative product review (which is posted by other sellers or by an annoying customer), as a merchant you would like to get it removed, but surely the process to get it removed is painful and very much time consuming.
  • Amazon Vine Program is limited to vendor central sellers only (at least for now), but later if Amazon introduced it to all merchant seller, then it would be a another money making machine for Amazon only.

Too many sellers were very much used to with discounted products reviews to make product competitive and improve Amazon product search result, only an announcement has changed entire game plan for all sellers, let’s see how things move!!

Here is Amazon announcement